From 1999 until 2005, Smithville, Texas housed one of the most delightful Renaissance Festivals in the country. It was... This is a Tribute to

Excalibur Fantasy Faire - An Arthurian

Festival set in the heart of Texas

Excalibur Fantasy Faire, a Renaissance Festival in Texas & Medieval Faire near Austin
Learn the FAQ about one of Central Texas' smallest Renaissance Festivals that has made itself one of the most-popular among Ren Faire folk everywhere in just five short years. Open Rain or Shine.

Renaissance Festival Music, Magic and Mayhem
Excalibur Fantasy Faire features some of the finest music and magical Renaissance Festival entertainment around, including nationally recognized performers from around the United States.

Renaissance Market & Festival Vendors
Find some of the finest Renaissance Festival vendors and medieval handyworks from Excalibur Fantasy Faire's Renaissance market.

King Arthur Legends: Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Learn more about the King Arthur legends and myths that surround the Knights of the Round Table

Excalibur Fantasy Faire's Renaissance Festival in Texas Links
Links to all the vendors and performers at Excalibur's wee little Renaissance Festival. Plus, new links to Friends of the Faire!

Ren Faire Pictures from Excalibur Fantasy Faire
See all the merriment that takes place at Excalibur Fantasy Faire.



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