Excalibur Fantasy Faire - a medieval renaissance festival near Austin Texas


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7th Annual
Excalibur Fantasy Faire
a Renaissance Festival near Austin, Texas

March 12 - April 3, 2005
Saturday 10am - 7pm, Sunday 10am - 6pm
Weekends Only,
Rain or Shine!

Weather: 10-Day Forecast

Location: Rocky Hill Ranch is located near Smithville, TX, on Hwy 153 East, approximately 2 miles northeast of Hwy 71. (See Map)

Sorry. No pets allowed.


Lords and Ladies, we invite you to return with us for our 7th annual Excalibur Fantasy Faire!

Return to the magic of Arthur and his bold Knights. Return to a time filled with fantastical creatures such as Elves, Orcs, Goblins, and Fairy! Return to a time of honor, intrigue, and adventure!

This year is a year of great importance to our village. All the races were called for a special council; to see who will earn the right to draw the fabled Excalibur from the stone! History will belong to whomever draws that legendary sword!

Picture of Excalibur, the Sword in the StoneMany have been invited to the Council of the Stone because of it's historical importance. Invited and trying to further his one united land, is the new so called "High King" Arthur Pendragon. Attending the new King will be his famed Knights. The magical and elusive High Elves and their untamed cousins the Wood Elves will be in attendance representing the fair folk. The Horse Lords, their King Leondegrance and his beautiful daughter, the Princess Guinevere will be there as well.

We expect King Lot and his clan from Orkney will be trying to force their will at the gathering, as will Arthur's half sister, Morgan LeFey. She wields the dark arts and may try to influence the outcome, but the wise and trusted Wizard Merlin will oversee the council to make sure all is fair. Indeed, even the Orcs and Goblins will be represented too by their high war chief and minions.

There is great tension between the different races and tribes. For the sake of all the lands, a true leader and King must be found! This will truly be a day of adventure and excitement! Oaths and alliances will be made... and some broken!

Return, and join in the history and spectacle of the 7th annual Excalibur Fantasy faire


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